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Brand, Glamour, Prestige and Being One of the Cool Kids Brand, Glamour, Prestige and Being One of the Cool Kids - NextStage 1 Minute MarketLift Podcast

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Brands often provide social recognition due to ego-identification; "Harley's are cool, therefore if I own a Harley I'm automatically cool." The consumer's self-concept is partially due to brand affinity and brands are wise to use ego-identification in their marketing efforts.

The question is, "How much influence does a brand actually have in creating and supplying social recognition?"

Using the Harley example, did Harley decide their motorcycles were cool or did the public decide? And if the public decided, can Harley do anything more than feed and respond to it, and hope it never goes away? There was a time when Harley's were associated out outlaw biker gangs. When did being an outlaw become cool?

Can brands craft social recognition and specific ego-identification among consumers or can they only stumble upon it and count themselves lucky? And does a brand come off as unauthentic if it tries too hard to equate itself with some social quality?

Psychologists -- and role-playing game aficionados -- know these things as Prestige and Glamour. Here's how brands get and keep them.

Total Time - 3m30s