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The NextStage KnowledgeShop is NextStage's online store. Here you will find our books, research papers, tools, presentations (presos) and trainings.

Shop around and do let us know if there's something you can't find. Chances are it's in here somewhere. We're making many changes to our back and front ends in 2014. You can read a little bit about it at Welcome to 2014!. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed Subscribe to NextStage's KnowledgeShop's RSS feed to learn automatically when new books, papers, presentations, tools and trainings are available.

Featured Product

NextStage Individualized Training NextStage Individualized Training

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Any of NextStage's current trainings can be taught to individuals and small groups in their home, office or a mutually selected location. In addition, NextStage can create customized trainings to meet individual goals, desires, needs and requirements. Individualized trainings can cover presentation skills, personal growth, conflict resolution and management, mentoring, et cetera, and always involve lots of brain-picking on everybody's part. They're both fun and exhausting.