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Love Goes Mobile Love Goes Mobile - NextStage 1 Minute MarketLift Podcast

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NextStage, in partnership with Critical Mass, did some research on whether or not consumers could establish a deep emotional commitment to a brand.

"Deep emotional commitment" is a fancy way of saying Love. We all know about Likes, Followers, Fans, Pins and all the other usual social declarations of interest, but what Critical Mass and NextStage studied was whether or not consumers could

  1. still experience emotional, psychological, etc., fulfillment from interacting with a brand,
  2. whether or not that fulfillment translate into brand revenue and most importantly
  3. when would that brand revenue occur.
More precisely, is there a way to guarantee SROI and when. Our research determined that 1, 2 and 3 were definitely possible and provided a number of approaches to achieving that ROI.

This podcast deals with how one part of those findings affect mobiles.

Total Time - 1m41s