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Virtual Cartography Virtual Cartography - NextStage 1 Minute MarketLift Podcast

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The brain keeps maps of everywhere a person's ever been, and it doesn't matter how long ago the visit.

This is true for places on the globe, places in local and distant towns and cities, at home and specific to this podcast, your digital properties.

It takes the average person three months of five hour days to become so familiar with an interface that it's like driving to your local mall; the route is so familiar you just know how to go there, you don't have to think about it anymore.

That's a lot of time and sites go through updates and redesigns far more quickly that the most ardent visitor comes to an online property, and when our old maps no longer work, our brains send our conscious minds a signal that the old route is gone, that the learned behavior failed, that the destination can't be reached.

In a word, this is Debranding. Tell someone that what they spent time learning no long applies and their non-conscious response is a little tiny tick on the disloyalty gauge. Do it often enough and that disloyalty turns into dollars spent elsewhere.

Here's how to make that new route lead straight back to you.

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